The rise of the one-stop brand agency

“I haven’t seen any branding agency in Mexico offering an artistic direction to make the message consistent. I often went to these amazing houses, but the interior did not harmonize with the architecture, ”he says. “So instead of clients seeing 20 different people, I created Studio Antoine as a one-stop destination. Instead of towering residential buildings, Ratigan typically works on more intimate but no less luxurious vacation homes in resort areas like Careyes, Punta Mita, and Los Cabos. Team members take care of the architecture, interiors, operations and even landscaping.

Fashion background has proven invaluable, Ratigan says, both in bringing the necessary level of opulence, but also in providing the organizational skills and understanding needed to put together a cohesive vision from so many disparate elements. .

“We develop all the senses and make everything complete for the consumer,” Ratigan says. “It’s a concept in its own right: we work with the architect and make him consistent with the client’s needs. Lighting, conservation of works of art, uniforms, bathrobes, even dishes and place mats. The wealthy go to high-end rental homes and expect a luxury experience with hotel-level service.

Another creative one-stop shop, Brand office was first designed in 2012 by global hotel company AvroKO, with a focus on hotel brands. But it has spread to residential, commercial, mixed-use and workspace developments.

“Basically, we are developing a creative vision for these properties to help developers bring them to market and beyond,” said Lynsay Reynolds, Creative Director of Brand Bureau. “This includes the development of the brand’s architecture, positioning and storytelling, as well as the creation of the name, logo and visual identity. From there, we often go one step further to help manifest these brands through other touchpoints, such as sales and marketing materials, accreditation experience strategy, digital creative direction, indoor environments and on-site warranty.

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For The Holler, a coworking, dining and entertainment space in northern Arkansas, Brand Bureau custom-fabricated nearly all of the lighting, seating, and furniture. And in recent years, the agency has worked with developers on more than 20 residential properties, including San Mateo, Calif.-Based Prometheus on The Tillery and The Hadley, which opened in Mountain View, California. California, in 2022 and 2023 respectively. The job includes everything from designing the look of halls, relaxation areas and gymnasiums of buildings to designing logos for mugs, backpacks and stationery. “These projects are close to our hearts because they embody the full spectrum of what we do at the Brand Bureau,” said Reynolds. “Brand development, visual and verbal identity, as well as the environment and interior decoration of all amenities and public spaces. “

Brand Bureau is currently working with Roadside Development on City Ridge, a 1.2 million square foot “urban village” in northwest Washington, DC, which includes residences, offices, a rooftop club, programming. public, leisure spaces and downstairs food and beverage, including DC’s early Wegmans.

Brand Bureau graphic identity for The Tillery, slated to open next year in Mountain View, California.

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