Can we request a credit without proof?

To finance certain events in their lives, many individuals use consumer credit. The latter, to protect their privacy, opt for so-called unrestricted credits, so as not to have to justify their borrowing from their lending organization. But then, can we ask for a credit without proof and above all: how to get it? In this article, we will tell you all about credit without proof.

Can we request a credit without proof?

Can we request a credit without proof?

The purpose of consumer credit is to enable you to carry out your projects, to buy an automobile or to meet a need for cash.

The amount of this credit is:

  • Between 200 and 75,000 $;
  • With a minimum duration of three months.

If several consumer loans can be combined, however, the totality of the borrower’s monthly credit payments must not exceed 33% of his income, in order to protect him from over-indebtedness.

A credit without proof or unrestricted, unlike a restricted loan, is a credit that does not oblige the borrower to provide information on the use of the requested funds.

This independence has the advantage of freedom, but the main drawback remains that in the event of a dispute with the seller and / or non-delivery of the goods, you are required to repay your credit according to the terms of the contract.

In addition, if you do not get your financing and you have already signed a purchase order you will be unable to pay for the property if you do not have savings on hand.

Beyond these recommendations, a distinction should be made between credit without proof and credit without justification.

Indeed, consumer credit is a contract between a lending institution and a borrower, where the former undertakes to lend a defined sum of money and the latter undertakes to repay it.

If it is distributed by banks and most so-called specialized establishments, you may be refused consumer credit if your borrowing profile does not offer sufficient guarantees, in particular in terms of repayment capacity.

What are the types of credits without supporting documents possible?

What are the types of credits without supporting documents possible?

You can get different credits without having to provide explanations to your lender.

These credits are:

  • Immediate online credit;
  • Personal loan;
  • Revolving credit;
  • The loan between individuals.


Immediate online credit

An immediate online credit, for an amount less than 3,000 dollars, can be obtained without any proof of income.

On the Internet, demand has flourished in recent years and more and more individuals are turning to dematerialized platforms for their demand for consumer credit.

Indeed, the advantages of online credit are numerous. With the latter, you can quickly:

  • Perform a free simulation of your credit;
  • Quickly compare a large number of offers to find the one best suited to your needs;
  • Calculate your repayment capacity;
  • Unlock your funds in less than forty-eight hours;
  • Save agency and / or administrative costs;
  • Etc.

Credit comparators also offer online brokerage services and some sites even offer to subscribe directly online using the electronic signature.

For more information on immediate credit, go to this address. 

Personal loan

The personal loan is part of the family of consumer loans. This credit, like revolving credit, is said to be unallocated and allows you to finance certain events in your life or to cope with certain unforeseen events without having to explain your loan to your lending organization.

Personal loans are offered by all lending institutions, whether:

  • Banks (physical or online);
  • Or credit agencies.

With this type of credit, you can take out a loan ranging from:

  • $ 200;
  • to 75,000 $ maximum.

Personal loan, unlike many loans, has a fixed interest rate. It is therefore impossible to revise them.

Revolving credit

Revolving credit is a consumer credit which, like microcredit or student credit, is said to be unaffected. It protects your privacy because you do not have to disclose the reason for your loan and can therefore freely use the amount borrowed.

Revolving credit is for individuals who require a reserve of money from which they can draw according to their needs.

From this reserve, you can use the amount you want, up to the amount made available to you by the lender.

This available credit reserve is then replenished as and when your repayments are made.

It makes it possible to finance goods such as:

  • A car ;
  • Equipment for your home;
  • The organization of holidays;
  • The renovation of your home.

The amount of revolving credit is between 200 dollars and 75,000 dollars and can be linked to:

  • A bank account ;
  • Or a credit card.

The term of a revolving credit is one year renewable each year.

To find out how to obtain a revolving credit, its rate and the establishments offering it, see our full article .

Loan between individuals

A personal loan, often abbreviated PAP or P2P, is a loan of money between two individuals without the intermediary of a bank.

The PAP, considered as a collaborative economy, is concluded between a lender and a borrower.

It provides a viable alternative to the economic reality and allows, among other things, people registered in the Personal Credit Repayment Incident File (FICP) or the Central Check File (FCC) to obtain a personal loan.

It must be of a minimum amount of $ 760 and is governed, like any credit, by borrowing conditions and rates in force.

The interest rate must be fixed by both parties and must not exceed the usury rates in force, revised each quarter by the Banque de France.

For example, the wear rates for the first quarter of 2020 apply up to:

  • 21.07% for loans of amounts less than or equal to 3,000 dollars;
  • 11.75% for loans of amounts between 3,000 dollars and 6,000 dollars;
  • 5.71% for loans of amounts greater than 6,000 dollars.

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The case of microcredit

Personal microcredit is a loan to the attention of people excluded from the traditional banking system.

If you can benefit from it in any situation, the borrowers concerned are often:

  • Social minimum recipients;
  • The unemployed;
  • Low-income people.

Indeed, microcredit is open to everyone because it does not require any special income conditions.

However, you need to have a personal plan to:

  • Social integration;
  • And / or professional integration.

The microcredit allows you to borrow small sums adapted to your financial situation, between 300 $ and 5,000 $.

If the duration of the loan can be long (four years maximum), the borrower can also choose to repay in advance. In this case, the borrower repays the sum lent quickly, which allows him to reduce the duration of the loan or monthly payments.

The cost of credit is set by the lender. It is between 1.5 and 4% and does not apply any administrative fees.

To find out how to obtain a classic, professional or even CAF microcredit, see our full article .

How to quickly get a credit without proof?

How to quickly get a credit without proof?

If the accessibility to credit comparators is simplified by the digital age, banking establishments remain intractable on the question of income.

It is for this reason that they start by checking the bank and tax receipts of the borrowers.

It is most often:

  • From your latest pay slips;
  • From your latest tax notices;
  • From your account statements.

The quality of the financial file is essential, because the decision of the financial organization to grant you funds or not depends on your repayment capacity.

You must therefore build a solid case that meets the following criteria:

  • Stable employment;
  • Regular income;
  • A blank banking history;
  • Good savings capacity.

With a borrower profile like this, you significantly increase your chances of getting credit for your need.

Is credit without proof a good idea?

Is credit without proof a good idea?

If you intend to use this credit to finance your need, you protect your privacy while benefiting from an advantageous solution.

As long as you respect your repayment schedule and the terms of your contract, the bank cannot question the use you make of the funds.

However, if you are looking to finance the purchase of a car, a motorcycle or even work, we recommend that you opt for a restricted loan. Indeed, this type of loan provides better security to the borrower thanks to the suspensive clauses.

To find out all the rates in force and the different credit offers without supporting documentation available, you can use this fast and free simulator or contact our team of Across Lender experts directly for personalized support.