ARCON sanctions non-accredited architecture schools

Jason nasiru

The Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) has called on all higher education institutions in the country that run architectural programs without accreditation to renounce such a practice.

ARCON President Dipo Ajayi, who gave the warning at the council’s 13th colloquium in Lagos, called the actions of these schools illegal.

Mr Ajayi said, “On that note, it would be imperative that I mention that the board requires graduate students in architecture at universities and polytechnics to ensure that their programs are duly accredited by the board.

“This cannot be taken for granted, as there is no room for graduates of unaccredited programs within the profession.

“The council will not hesitate to wield the big stick within the framework of the law on such institutions; go forward.

He noted that despite the challenges of COVID-19, the board had not failed to complete proper accreditation of schools across the country, but lamented that some people were still bypassing the process of validating their schools. architectural programs.

He added that regardless of other validations these schools have obtained from other government agencies, no architectural program should be run without ARCON approval and accreditation.

He explained that the council was granted the authority to register and control the practice of architecture in Nigeria and therefore maintained a register of architects and architectural firms in accordance with the enabling law.

He said the appeal became necessary because it was discovered that some unsuspecting members of the public had attended some of the unregistered schools, claiming that anyone who had not done their due diligence in the architectural school before to enlist had done so at his own risk.

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