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Previously on Archinect, we reported on the announcement of three architecture schools pledging to act for the climate. Since then, two other schools of architecture have joined. On October 30, US Architects Declare confirmed that the Woodbury School of Architecture and the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee SARUP became the last schools to join.

Now with 329 signatures, US Architects Declare continues to spread the movement and encourage “all professionals and students of the built environment / construction industry” to join.

To develop climate action and advance the work of organizations and individuals leading the charge against climate change, don’t miss Archinect’s two-part series Architects are taking action for the climate! For this series, architect and writer Hannah Wood features interviews with groups of architectural activists established since 2016, practitioners and educators.

Architects are taking action for the climate! Archinect talks about climate emergency activism with built environment groups taking a stand. Image by Evgenia Barinova for Archinect

Architects are taking action for the climate! Archinect is aimed at practitioners and educators who take up the challenge of adapting to the climate emergency. Image by Evgenia Barinova for Archinect

With the 2020 presidential election threatening Americans across the country, plans to step up efforts to mitigate climate change and push for climate action are among many issues facing the architectural community. prepares.

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